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ReGen, Regenerative: Moving beyond sustainable to improve the ecosystem. Sustainable buildings are based on only using the minimum resources needed, while regenerative buildings are designed and operated to reverse damage and have a net-positive impact on the environment throughout their lifetime.

Featured Project:

The Dogwoods

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Downtown Squamish


Taizo Yamamoto


In Development

Better buildings are key to significantly reducing emissions. The Dogwoods is designed from the ground up to be incredibly energy efficient. No fossil fuel infrastructure will be used, instead, the roof is built to accept solar panels for onsite power generation. A planted living facade will wrap the building providing architectural appeal and adding more plants to the urban ecosystem. One of the main goals for the building is to nudge residents towards a lower ecological impact lifestyle by design. Cars are stored out of view, while bike parking is easily accessible, encouraging active transportation.

The four storey building has two levels of residential on top, and two levels of employment space below. Space for local businesses are a priority, with ground floor commercial featuring double-height ceilings, and office space on the second floor that opens up to a landscaped terrace. Our vision is for a 'green business hub' where creative people can come together to work on building an ecologically responsible, inclusive, and equitable future.



Cameron Cope, Managing Director

Cameron's life mission is to create harmony between humans and nature by enabling people to reduce their environmental footprint, while improving their quality of life. This, combined with a passion for building and sustainable urban environments is what led him to want to change the way buildings, and communities, are built. With a  background in the trades and an eye to design, Cameron manages the company with solid principles and a strong vision for better future for all, including the plants, animals, and ecosystems.


When not working, what he loves most is adventures out in the wild, and spending time with his young family. Cameron grew up on Saltspring Island BC, and has called Squamish home since 2011.

ReGen Homes logo (1).png


ReGen Homes was founded on the belief that through thoughtful design, humans can achieve closer harmony with nature in the urban environment.  Our mission is to provide people with homes that regenerate the planet’s ecosystems while being competitive with conventional housing. We will continue to innovate to make our buildings as regenerative as possible. We hope that others will follow suit and that we will soon see a day where all new buildings are regenerative.

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