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building regenerative communities

Moving beyond sustainable to improve the world around us.  Regenerative buildings are designed and operated to reverse damage and have a net-positive impact on the environment throughout their lifetime.


The Dogwoods
Squamish's first Net-Zero multi-family building
Chickadee Lane
Family centred townhomes

what we do

Our earth’s ecological systems are at a crisis point while at the same time people need homes, yet conventional building only pushes earth’s systems closer to collapse.


how can we face both these seemingly contradicting challenges together?

For us it's clear that we need to build homes in a way that allows our natural world to rebound and flourish alongside our communities. We believe we can make a positive contribution to human and natural systems through the homes we build. The choice to build regeneratively comes from seeing ourselves as part of the living world instead of separate from it.

We are on a mission to help you live in harmony with nature. We look forward to connecting with you soon.


We’re building in Squamish because Squamish is where we love to live. Over the last decade, as we’ve watched the town grow and change, we realized there's a unique opportunity to help shape the future of Squamish towards a resilient community where its urban environment is as connected to nature as its people are. Immediate access to the outdoors has always defined the town, drawing remarkable, caring, talented  people.


It's simply a great place to call home.


Why Squamish
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