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Squamish's first Net-Zero
multi-family building

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Downtown Squamish


Taizo Yamamoto


In Permitting

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Homes designed with
the future in mind

The Dogwoods will be Net-Zero. This means that the building will generate zero emissions, measured over a year (that's where 'net' comes in). To do this, we build a highly energy efficient structure with extra insulation and high quality windows and doors. We then use all electric appliances and mechanical systems to avoid the use of gas. Through roof-top solar panels, the building will produce its own power generating enough to power the building on 100% renewable energy.

Beyond being a Net-Zero building, we area aiming to achieve three major goals: bring nature into the urban environment, create space for local entrepreneurs, and enhance the public realm.

regenerative features

Net-Zero Emissions

Rooftop solar panels

All Electric heating and cooling

Living facade

Rainwater collection and re-use

Extra-thick walls and windows also dampen outside noise

EV charger for each parking stall

Fly-Ash Concrete, 25% lower carbon emissions

Easy-access bike parking

Durable building materials

To bring nature into the urban environment, the building will be wrapped in a living facade. The balconies will overflow with vines and shrubs, and the terrace will be planted with Dogwood trees that lose their leaves in the winter letting sunlight through, passively heating the building. 


Plants not only filter air and reduce urban heat gain, but also have beneficial effects on the people around them. Numerous studies have shown how urban trees and parks contribute significantly to inhabitants' happiness and health. 

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building better is key to  reducing our ecological impact

The second goal is to create spaces for local businesses and entrepreneurs. The ground floor employment space will have double-height ceilings to add flexibility for light industrial uses. Ideally sustainability-focused businesses are attracted, creating a green business hub. If you are a business and interested in the space, reach out as opportunities are limited.



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a low impact lifestyle by design

This mixed-use building provides the opportunity for hyper-local employment to the residences above. Living Downtown gives residents access to everything  needed within a 15-minute walk, bike, or transit.  This is the concept behind the term “15-minute city” where residential infrastructure is built in such a way that all residents are able to meet most of their needs within a short walk, bike or transit ride from their homes, thus alleviating the need to drive for common daily activities. The bike lockers were also strategically located into the building to make it easy to access, further encouraging bike use.

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