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ReGen was founded on the belief that through thoughtful design, humans can achieve closer harmony with nature in the urban environment while minimizing our ecological impact. 


ReGen’s buildings are designed to encourage a low-resource lifestyle whereby the simple act of inhabiting their home, residents live with a smaller ecological impact without compromise to daily comforts.

Our mission is to provide people with homes that regenerate the planet’s ecosystems while being competitive with conventionally built buildings; people shouldn’t have to choose between their values and their wallets. The buildings of the future aren’t just sustainable, they are regenerative, designed and operated to reverse damage and have a net-positive impact on the environment throughout their lifetime.

regenerative design considers the surrounding people and environment to maximize our beneficial impact

Regenerative Design

Building that are regenerative are measured holistically across a broad spectrum of elements. Does the building operation emit CO2 emissions in any way? Is there a net gain or loss to habitat? Does the building make it easy for its occupants to live a low-impact lifestyle? These are among the many considerations ReGen considers in our projects. We are working on better showcasing how we measure our projects' regenerative elements, and look forward to sharing that information with you soon. Our practice evolves as technologies and understanding grow to meet the needs of our future. 

our team

Cameron Cope
Managing Director

Cameron's life mission is to create harmony between humans and nature by enabling people to reduce their ecological impact, while improving their quality of life. This, combined with a passion for building and sustainable urban environments is what led him to want to change the way buildings, and communities, are built. With a background in carpentry and an eye to design, Cameron manages the company with solid principles and a strong vision for a better future for all, including the plants, animals, and ecosystems. When not working, he loves adventures in the wild, and spending time with his young family. Cameron grew up on Saltspring Island BC, and has called Squamish home since 2011.

Our Team

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